3D Scanning for Heritage is a game changer

3D laser scanning takes on its full meaning when used in the heritage ecosystem. The ability to accurately capture complex and irregular elements, quickly and from a distance, has incomparable advantages over traditional investigative techniques. Combined with photographic imagery, we provide you with a complete baseline data set.

3D Scanning Advantages for heritage and historic buildings

Our Deliverables

  • Registered Point cloud
  • 2D – 3D CAD Drawings
  • BIM Models
  • Topography Detailed Maps
  • Comparative and Deformation Analysis. Movement measuring
  • True-View – with Panoramic photos overlaid on point cloud
  • 3D Virtual reality – Fly-in experience
  • Orthophotos
  • Impressive rendered videos of your project’s point cloud

3D Scanning  Recent Projects on Heritage and historic buildings